Avocado bread with a twist :-)

As always any fun delicious kitchen experiment starts with a random thought in the middle of the night. My insomnia had struck again and i lay awake in bed thinking random thoughts. I considered getting up and baking banana bread for my breakfast the next day but remembered I didn’t have any bananas in the […]

Sesame seed-encrusted Salmon burger patties

It’s that time of the year again when the Nairobi Pizza festival comes to town, tempting us with delicious offers on pizzas at various restaurants in town. I have definitely found myself fighting the temptation to indulge in yummy pizzas all week because truth be told, my waistline couldn’t possibly handle (love handles and all) […]

Favorite workouts this week

Hi guys and girls! My apologies for going underground for a bit. Good news is that I’ve managed to stay motivated and continue to enjoy my intense 12 week workout plan. Let me just catch you all up 🙂 Truth be told, I’ve been working out since my tweens so I’m not a total beginner […]

Delicious red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Kenyans as a people are quite big on tea-drinking. We enjoy a good cup of tea, any chance we get. So now, as this daunting June-July weather (the Kenyan Winter) comes upon us, our tea drinking habit is bound to become even more prolific than usual. I personally denied having this habit for a long […]

Quick and simple creamy chicken pasta

  I’ve received tons of comments and compliments about my recipes on the blog. Everyone says the same 3 things; that I should have them over regularly for meals, that they love how quick and simple they are and that the ingredients are easy to find locally, or that I should stop tormenting them with […]

My current favorite workouts

Working out religiously is tough! These first couple of weeks have been quite something, I can tell you now. Huffing and puffing like a very unfit hippo has not been funny but I stuck with it. I decided to pump things up right from the start with some good old, long loved & trusted, hardcore […]

Bacon wrapped honey & sesame chicken wings

Now, this is the perfect #cheatday recipe if there ever was one! It’s the perfect combination of flavors and just hits the spot. Perfectly easy to prepare and quick so you’ll be digging in in no time! I think it would be perfect for when the boys are coming over to watch something sporty on […]

Fitness journey begins: Week one

Like everything else in life, you have to know where to start and what you intend to achieve. So I sat down and really thought about what I’d like to achieve during these 12 weeks of fitness. I’ve done tons of research trying to figure out exactly what I should and shouldn’t do and what […]


Hi guys and girls. I’ve come to that point where I’ve decided I need a little extra input into my workout routine to boost results and get back on track. I’m a die hard foodie and sometimes it starts to show, lol!! Anyone on the full healthy living and positive lifestyle path knows that point […]

Orange & Ginger stuffed Tilapia

I had a pair of stunning whole Tilapia in my freezer and a real desire to cook a different style of fish than I’d tasted before. So a few days researching online for suggestions & recipes led me to this flavorful culinary creation. I haven’t ever tasted anything quite like it! Nom! Ingredients 2 tbsps […]