The work of my hands

Somewhere along the way, people forgot that their health is important; that medicine is a noble profession, an art and a science; and that doctors are human too, just with the added responsibility of opening people up, fixing the problem and bringing the person back, in some cases, from the brink of death. I read […]

Part 2: Dealing with a Loved One’s difficult diagnosis

You’ve just heard that one of your nearest and dearest is ill and has a long rough fight ahead of them. The fight for life. It could be a severe debilitating illness, a chronic illness or a terminal diagnosis. Its stops you in your tracks. “Oh My God! Why? Why him/her? Why now?” It is […]

Lessons learned: Internship

So, you’ve survived Med school and have been released from the University with the official nod of approval and with “the power to read”. You’ve taken your Hipocratic Oath and are now a doctor!!!! Congratulations!! Everyone at your graduation party is super proud of you. They sing your praises and are kind enough to fill […]

Lessons Learned: Medical School

It feels like eons ago but once upon a time (read 2003) I was a young, eager, ambitious lady all set to start my medical training. I was happy, carefree and doe-eyed. A nervous wreck on day one but excited to be at the Prestigious University of Nairobi Medical School. I was super excited at […]

Master of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Friday 04.12.2015 was a fabulous day for me. I have to admit that in the weeks leading up to this day, I wasn’t feeling excited or even interested in attending the 53rd UoN Graduation ceremony. I completed my course in February this year and had since then been working insanely hard and at the same […]

Part 1: Dealing with a difficult diagnosis

You are sitting in your doctor’s office and he/she has just told you that all the testing has revealed a grave debilitating or terminal illness. Suddenly you feel like you’re in a bad dream and will wake up from it all any minute now. Or you feel suffocated, like your drowning with no one nearby […]

My heart bleeds for Kenya’s Healthcare

This remains a deeply emotional topic for me. We all know that the teachers across the country went on strike. It was all you heard, saw and read about EVERYWHERE. On Radio, TV, in the Papers and on Social Media. Now a question: How many of us know that several hospitals across the country remain […]

The P.R. in D.R.

(Photo credit) Doctors are a brilliant lot. We are taught, trained, tested and constantly re-trained to within an inch of life itself. Which is absolutely necessary of course, because in actual fact, we are dealing with precious human lives on a daily basis. We learn A LOT in Medical School. About the human being, the […]

(Insert Your Name) M.D.

I’ve heard people say over and over again that Medicine is a “Calling” To some extent this is true as it does require lots of drive and intense personal desire to want to be a doctor, and this is just to get through medical school! Over the years, I have experienced and observed a lot […]

My first love

How it all began: Medicine found me when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I have a particularly vivid memory of hearing my dad get up in the middle of the night to go attend to an emergency in the hospital. Dad was already a hero in my little beating heart but that […]