My Magical Kenya: Ol Tukai Lodge Amboseli

Amboseli is one of Kenya’s most stunning National Parks because Mt. Kilimanjaro is clearly visible and frames all your wildlife photos stunningly! If you’re ever in the park wondering what to do for lunch, I recommend a stop over at the gorgeous Ol Tukai Lodge Amboseli, located within the park itself. A delicious lunch menu […]

My Magical Kenya: Tawi Lodge Part 2

Tawi lodge Amboseli is just simply breathtaking and as you’ll see in this part, the experience, the views and the exciting neighbors as well as the culinary delights all come together to create the perfect holiday destination! It was all absolutely delightful! Enjoy! The breakfast experience was very well thought out with a steaming hot […]

My Magical Kenya: Tawi Lodge Amboseli

I strongly believe that Amboseli is one of the most beautiful National parks we have here in Kenya. Its crowning jewel being the breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro which serves as the perfect backdrop for any game pics you take there. The roads to Amboseli (via Namanga & via Emali) have been upgraded and freshly […]

My Magical Kenya-Kiboko Luxury Camp

Ya’ll know I’m all about fitness and living an active, healthy life. (& eating amazing food of course!!!) So a charming town like Naivasha, a short drive from Nairobi, is the perfect place for a quick retreat in search of some physical activity in the great outdoors. There’s so much to choose from depending on […]

My Magical Kenya – Ranch House Bistro

If you’re ever in Naivasha for the day, I suggest you check out Ranch House Bistro for Lunch. I guarantee that you will not regret it! Call ahead to make a reservation otherwise you will be disappointed. Its quite popular! The setting is gorgeous, on the shore of Lake Oloiden. The ambiance is fantastic, giving […]

My Magical Kenya-Lake Oloidien

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you discover Lake Naivasha’s little sister Lake Oloidien. Its smaller with much less human traffic and serves as home to a lovely family of chubby hippos and makes for the avid birdwatcher’s absolute paradise. Its the perfect getaway for peace and quiet in a magnificent cottage built […]

My Magical Kenya-Chale Island

I started the “My Magical Kenya” series to create a space where I could share some of the things I love about this beautiful country. This has to include my visits to some of the most amazing places within our borders. I make an active effort to seek out hidden gems of gorgeousness that stimulate […]

My Magical Kenya-Chui Lodge

I recently had the opportunity to get away from Nairobi’s hustle and bustle and go on short a road trip to Naivasha, a small market town in Nakuru County about 93 kilometers from Nairobi. (about a 2 hour drive) It is a popular tourist destination as it is on the shores of Lake Naivasha and […]

Proudly Kenyan

[Today being Madaraka Day, I’ve had a quiet start of my morning and had a bit of time to work on a few new ideas for the blog. I found myself reading this piece, written a few months ago, and smiling as I find that it still rings true. Kenya may be facing lots of […]

Celebrating Professor Wangari Maathai

There are many great people out there, now and all throughout History. Most of them we only get to read about, a few we are lucky enough to meet. Some cause profound change that we get to experience and live as our norm. For me,¬†Wangari Maathai is an icon whom, even though I never got […]